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ASC Field Trips

Bring your binoculars and come with us! Birds are our common interest, and people at all levels of expertise join our field trips to the best local and regional birding spots. If you’re a beginner, we’ll help you find and identify birds; if you’re an experienced birdwatcher, you can lead us to a favorite place. We enjoy bats and other animals, too…and of course, people interested in plants are always welcome on our outings.

Weekend Field Trips

  • September 9-11 South Coast

    Our final weekend field trip will be September 9-11 on the South Coast of Oregon. Our group groups travel in rental vans from Enterprise, lodge at interesting facilities, and share expenses. As this trip is before our next general meeting, you can sign up by email to If there are parts of Oregon you want to add to next year’s schedule, please consider organizing and leading a tour. Assistance in planning and execution is available.

These are group affairs, where we travel in rental vans from Enterprise, lodge at interesting facilities, and share expenses. Signup sheets will be available beginning at the January ASC general meeting. You can also sign up by email to flramsey5@

If there are parts of Oregon you want to add to the schedule, please consider organizing a tour. Assistance in the planning and execution is available.

Second Saturday Field Trips

Our Saturday morning local field trip meets the second Saturday of each month from September through June at the Benton Center parking area, behind the Cannery Mall, 777 NW 9th, Corvallis. This field trip is geared towards beginning birders, birders new to Oregon's mid-valley area and persons looking for a pleasant outing. For more info, contact Bill Proebsting, , 541-752-0108. Check the Midvalley ListServ, birding, a couple of days before the field trip for updates. Weather may alter plans, so watch the forecast and dress appropriately. Trips return to Benton Center by noon.

  • October 8 - TBA
  • November 12 - TBA
  • December 10 - TBA

Field trip coordinator is Bill Proebsting, , 541-752-0108

Bicycle Birding 2016

Bicycle birding is a great way to cover more ground than you can on foot. You can bird by ear while you’re riding, instead of missing them while driving a car. Get a little exercise and make your birding less fossil fuel-dependent!

Registration is required and space is limited. Please contact Don Boucher (email preferred)
PH: 541-753-7689,

You’ll receive a reminder and directions to the site a few days prior to each event for which you’re registered.

  • 2017 TBA

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